Johnny Utah is a 3x World Champion BASE jumper with 2,500 BASE jumps in the 24 years of his BASE career. He is a holder of eight BASE world records. Johnny has been teaching BASE jumping for 19 years and has developed very effective teaching methods to help his students be successful in learning how to BASE jump safely. He was the first to begin teaching BASE first jump courses at the Perrine Bridge, whereby he conceived and developed an innovative approach to teaching a BASE FJC. He coined the term BASE Camp as a name fitting for his more involved longer BASE jumping courses which give his students a higher level of competency.

BASE Camp (FJC) is a comprehensive 4-day course held at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, and happens several times each year. It is a complete and thorough first BASE jump course intended for experienced skydivers with little or no BASE experience. The minimum skydiving experience required is 150 skydives.

BASE Camp students are taught all the fundamental aspects of the sport. BASE Camp covers the following:

  • BASE gear knowledge and proper gear setup
  • Packing instruction
  • Gear checks
  • Jump Priorities
  • Malfunctions and Emergency Procedures
  • Heading Correction techniques
  • Exit training and different exit methods
  • Freefall Control
  • Deployment methods and techniques
  • Canopy Flight and Patterns
  • Landings
  • Assessing wind and weather
  • BASE ethics
  • Information about jumping other objects
  • Making good judgment calls
  • Finding a mentor

The Perrine Bridge jump site is very forgiving making it an excellent place to learn. Here is why. The Perrine Bridge is a span bridge, 486 feet above very calm water with a large grassy landing area the size of a football field; and it's legal to jump all day. Once you fall away from this bridge, it is impossible to hit it, and 486 feet is a good height to learn from.

Upon signing up for the course, you will receive two videos to get you started at home (These videos are included with the course). The material in the videos will also be fully covered during the FJC.

  • Johnny Utah's Packing Video - This video is 2 hours long and very detailed. It is sent to you beforehand for you to study and practice packing at home before BASE Camp.
  • The Bridge Day Safety Video - It will be sent with the packing video so that you can familiarize yourself with common malfunctions and pilot errors.

To attend BASE Camp, you must have skydiving experience. You must use BASE specific gear. Every student needs their own rig for the course. Gear rental is available.

The course includes:
  • Packing Video sent to you in advance to practice packing before the course
  • Bridge Day Safety Video sent to you in advance
  • Packing instruction during BASE Camp
  • BASE First Jump Course
  • Jump Mastering
  • Video Debriefs
  • Advanced Instruction (as you progress through the course)
Participants are responsible for their travel, lodging, and food.

BASE Camp (FJC) is an extensive 4-day course whereby you can expect to make around 10-15 jumps (weather depending of course). You will be coached and supervised while you pack each packjob you jump. This is an important aspect to learning how to pack effectively as you work towards opening-heading consistency.
The cost for the course is $1500 if you have your own BASE rig.
We do have BASE rigs for rent and the cost is $50 per day.

To ask questions or sign up - contact Johnny Utah by email.

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